Past Seasons

Season 6: 2023-24

Sonata Tramontana-À la Française, The Waking Sun, Handel’s Heroines, Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Season 5: 2022-23

Con Tre Violini, Nouvelles Variations de Divers Airs, Candide’s Voltaire, Sontana Tramontana, In Celebration of Earth, Youthful Splendor, Corelli, Fairest Isle

Season 4: 2021-22

Amadeus: The Concert, Sara Levy’s Salon, Recital Via Railroad, The Baryton, Royal Consort, La Boheme

Season 3: 2020-21

Youthful Splendor, Heigh Ho Holiday, Into the Light, Bach Roads of Montana, The Counter Tenor, Will You Be My Valentini?

Season 2: 2019-20

Brandenburg Concertos, The German Theatre, Shades of War, Più con Meno – Season Narrative

Season 1: 2018-19

Youthful Splendor, Ye Old Song and Dance, Stradella Incident, The Cosmopolitans, Fair Ayres of the British Isles, A Bunch of Baloney!, The Mystical Violin and Courteous Lute

BaMM officially began in Aug 2018, when we became a non-profit organization. Our first seasons went by the calendar year. Then we changed seasons to go from Sep 1 to Aug 31.


Kegs of Counterpoint, Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, Humor Angst and Desire, Unanswerable Questions, Sonatas Transalpina