A painting of a man watching birds looking at music in a room.

Lands of the Free: Languages of Improvisation

August 14th-15th and 20th-25th, 2024


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Notated music has always contained a degree of interpretation and improvisation; in the 17th and early 18th centuries, this improvisation played many roles. Sometimes it was decorative ornamentation around written notes, or completely new pieces generated by improvising upon a common bass line. Other times, it was a way of establishing a key or connecting more structured episodes to each other. Styles of improvising differed as much as their nation’s languages, and this program explores the ways the lively, charming, and surprising ways they coexisted and influenced each other.



Carrie Krause, baroque violin
Manami Mizumoto, baroque violin
Keiran Campbell, cello
John Lenti, theorbo