Season Subscriber Tips for using Eventbrite

Using your promo code in Eventbrite can be confusing, especially the first time.  Here is what you do:

  • From the Baroque Music Montana site, choose the concert you want to go to.
  • Then click on the Tickets button. This will take you to Eventbrite.
  • From there, click on the green Tickets button.
  • Click on “Enter promo code” (in blue, on the top line). <<< EASY TO MISS
  • Type in the promo code you received when you bought your season subscription, then click Apply. <<< IMPORTANT
  • Select 1 (for one ticket, 2 for two, etc.) under Season Subscriber.
  • Then click the Checkout button, and continue to payment.

The tricky thing is to find where to type in promo code and to click Apply once you’ve typed in the code.