A trip to the violin store

It was a great stroke of coincidence that while shopping for a modern violin, in the modern violin shop center of America, my former teacher was in town visiting the same shop! Andres Cardenes is dear friends with the owner of Bein & Fushi Violins, and here we all are in the owner’s fancy office having just found the violin of my dreams. It is a 1972 Kinberg, made in Chicago. Those who have Kinberg are sort of part of a sort of club, as there are a finite number of the fiddles around.

It was such a lucky coincidence to not only have the gift of time and tales with my old teacher, hearing him play in his incredibly lyrical, beautiful voice Brahms Sonata, Saint Saens Concerto, and Kreisler while testing gorgeous fiddles, but also to have his mentorship in finding an instrument for my unique voice. To add to the smiles of this moment, my mom is taking this picture!

— Carrie Krause