Six High Places – June 2023


Music and dance grace Bozeman’s iconic mountaintops Baroque Music Montana’s concert series “Six High Places,” featuring violinist Carrie Krause and dancer Genevieve Trygstad-Burke, took audiences to mountain peaks near Bozeman atop where the two performed the 2nd movement from “Three High Places” called The Wind at MacLaren Summit by contemporary composer John Luther Adams. These two articles, one from Explore Big Sky and one from the Bozeman Daily Chronicle describe the inspired endeavor, which required serious work by performers and audience members alike just to get to the high-altitude venues. “A picture paints a thousand words,” and photographer Blair Speed captured volumes with her magnificent images, including these from Mount Blackmore and Emigrant Peak.



Perhaps the best way to come close to the experience is to watch this video of the Baldy performance captured by director and cinematographer Michael Paul Jones.

Carrie Krause and Genevieve Trygstad-Burke on top of Saddle Peak, from “6 High Places,” June 2023.

Michael Jones / Sam Lowe Anker / Jim Menkel / Miles Reickert / Amanda Jones / Philip Winchester/ Noah Jones / Rose Jones / Grace Jones / Sam Hedlund / 2020 Camera / Mystery Ranch
Audio recording by: Ken Gilstrap
Violin loan: Hollinger Violins