Concert tasks

Decide who should be in charge of a particular concert or concert series.  

Concert materials (programs, basket, etc.) normally live at Carrie’s house.  She can either bring those to the concert or you can get them from her ahead of time.

Secure volunteers to work at the concert using Doodle poll. (  This is usually 2 board members and 1 volunteer.  They should arrive an hour before the concert starts.  Jobs can be:


Set up


Greeting and handing out programs

Serving refreshments

Selling merchandise

Tear down

BaMM volunteers (signed up on website)

Noreen Breeding582-0574

Tom Scanlin600-1806

Steve Marty312-3232

Else Trystad-Burke451-9633 (she is in grad school, so check with Carrie

to see if she’s in town)


Social media (Annette)

Email (Carrie via Mail Chimp)

Posters around town  (Tom Scanlin)

Chronicle, KGVM, KGLT

Days before the Concert

Make sure website and ticketing are up-to-date.  If not, let Judy know.

Order chairs, if needed

Make sure we have napkins, cups, plates, if needed

Get programs printed and picked up.  Carrie usually does the printing part.

Make sure signage is prepared (our portable banner, merchandise price list, ticket prices for door purchase, donations)

Prepare name badges for volunteers with label maker (you can bring the maker and make them on the spot)

Prepare (stuff) programs, if ready

Line up person to do intro and opening remarks (usually the board president)

Day of concert

Workers and volunteers should arrive an hour before concert time

Make sure printed material is ready (check with Carrie).  Hold back 2 complete programs for our records (1 to Carrie, 1 to Judy).

Prepare (stuff) programs, if not already done

Pick up food and wine.

At the last minute, print out guest list.  This can be done from Eventbrite (ask Judy for access if you don’t already have it, or ask her to print and send it).  Sign in > Manage my events (upper right) > [click on particular event, which will get you to that event’s dashboard] > Manage attendees (on left) > Attendee List > Download List as a PDF > Print.  You can also do this by phone/computer (paperless) by choosing Check-in, rather than Attendee List.


Portable BaMM banner


Donation basket

Guest list and pen


Food and wine, plates, napkins, cups

Name badges


Set up chairs

Set up ticket table

Set up merchandise table

Set up food table

After concert, take everything down.  Put everything in a box for next time and either bring box to Judy’s or Carrie’s or take to the next concert organizer.

Post concert

Thanks people for coming

Hang around for donations on Square

Deposit ticket money at First Security Bank

Let Carrie know who to send Thank You notes to

Get everything back to Carrie